Professional fees: When you contact me, I will supply a list of my current professional fees. Prices are in accordance with Norsk Logopedlag (the Norwegian speech and language therapy association).

Private payers: Typically, I will invoice you at the end of each month for immediate payment.

Private Health Insurance: I will send you an invoice at the end of each month for immediate payment. In addition, I can provide the information you require for accessing speech and language therapy through an insurance company and claiming your expenses from them.

Norwegian medical and social services: You may be able to gain funding for private speech and language therapy after a referral to PPT at your local Kommune offices (Pedagogisk-psykologisk-tjeneste/Educational and Psychological counselling service). This will be dependent on your child's age, the types of difficulties they are having, and where they attend school. For more information, see your local Kommune website or click here.

Also, I have an agreement to work as a private speech and language therapist for Helfo (the Norwegian Health Economics Administration). Helfo is responsible for direct payments to therapists for services to some children who qualify for this support. In order to access this you need to contact your child's medical consultant/specialist doctor to ask for a referral for speech and language therapy. For more information, see the Helfo website or click here.