“Communication is key to many of the things we want for ourselves and our children. It underpins everything we do and helps us live life to the full.

It's fundamental to children's development; children need to be able to understand and be understood; it's the foundation of relationships and is essential for learning, play and social interaction.” The Communication Trust, 2016

Since moving to Norway in 1991, I have provided an independent speech and language therapy practice for families who have a child with a speech, language or communication difficulty. I have been fortunate to be able to use my unique range of skills as a speech and language therapist to significantly improve the development of young children, while also reducing the stress felt by their parents.

After working for several years in an international school, I am confident that I also have the knowledge and skills to support families with children who have attention difficulties or challenging behaviour, and need something extra to help them focus on learning in the classroom setting.

I am committed to providing a confidential, professional service to children with a wide range of difficulties/diagnoses. You may have noticed that your child:

  • is frustrated because they haven't started speaking,
  • is unintelligible due to delayed or disordered speech development,
  • finds it difficult to understand instructions,
  • has difficulty expressing their thoughts in words or phrases,
  • has difficulty concentrating on tasks in the classroom,
  • struggles to understand the social skills necessary to communicate effectively, or
  • needs support with developing reading and writing skills.
  • These are all areas of concern where I have the expertise to support your child.

    I believe all children receive the best support possible when their parents feel empowered with the knowledge they need to help their child develop, therefore I work in close partnership with parents and encourage active parental participation in therapy sessions.

    My enthusiasm for the work that I do means I am always willing to share my knowledge with other professionals who would like to understand more about communication impairments in children. You are welcome to contact me for an individual discussion or we can organise a workshop or study day for you and your colleagues.

    As all children are different, I am keen to provide you with a support package tailored to your child's individual needs; therefore I can provide a combination of the following services:

  • Assessment - a comprehensive assessment including both informal and standardised assessments to identify and measure your child's difficulties. This may also include home visits, classroom observations, or structured play sessions.
  • Detailed, professional reports - useful reports written after assessment of your child, to record improvement, or to support referral to other agencies.
  • Direct therapy sessions for your child - provided regularly, as individual or group sessions
  • Parent support - counselling about your child`s diagnosis, coaching during therapy sessions, and attendance at your child`s case conferences as required.
  • Cooperation with nursery/school - advice and/or therapy programmes offered to your child's place of learning. In addition, coaching can be offered to your child's Learning Support Assistants.
  • Detailed, professional reports - detailed and useful reports are written after assessment of your child, to record successful development, or to support referral to other agencies.
  • Knowledge of local services/support and advice about further referral - counselling about the process of referring your child to the local medical and social services in Stavanger.
  • Contact me today if you would value my support and advice.